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There are many automobile manufacturers operating in most major countries and each has their particular benefits and loyal followers. One company may have cars that are more economical while another may offer the benefit of greater safety features. Some manufactures also offer vehicles that have cheaper car insurance. Some carmakers can lay claim to managing a balance between all that is important to drivers today. Honda is a company that meets and often exceeds the expectations of car buyers.

There are many older companies that have been the favorite of consumers and car enthusiast. One person may be devoted exclusively to Chevrolet and another may only like Fords. Other consumers may favor cars made in Japan or Europe while still another segment of the car buying market may have no favorite manufacturer, instead they do research and buy what is best for their needs.

Over the past couple of decades there have been new companies stepping up to deliver value packed, attractive cars and greater service. Kia is one such company that has come out with very attractive vehicles and even better customer support. Kia is not the only newer car manufacturer to come out in the past few years. Just recently new commercials on television shout for attention to their new line of cars.

No matter what your preference in cars might be there are some that fit your needs better than others. Learning about what carmaker has the better vehicle for you used to require many conversations with those that know more as well as subscription to magazines and other research tools. Today you can learn far more from various Internet resources like our website, forums that offer automotive discussions and large number of automotive review sites that allow consumers to voice their opinions and ratings for cars that they have experience in.

While on this site we talk largely about how great Honda is we recommend that you not consider them your best buy until you consider other new cars, or even used cars. For instance the Honda CRV is wildly popular with women as a recreational vehicle but is not such a great 4 x 4 if you are looking to do any serious off-road sport.

Honda is one of the most interesting carmakers out there today with a strong devotion to their independence. Even without the deep pockets of other major players like GM and Ford, Honda continues to be innovative and they keep the pressure on major players in the automotive industry. Honda is a hard act to follow and a company you should keep your eye on.